Yoga classes continue

Tonight was once again my Yoga class and I have to admit that I was a little hesitant when I walked into the room. After I gave the instructor a little smile and a nod, do you know what she asked me? 

Well she asked me if I practiced this last week. 


See she didn’t ask anyone else so it only confirms my thoughts that I am the least experienced in the class. But guess what? Like I said earlier, someone has to be that person and how can I get better if I don’t go? 

But secretly I do wish I was a little better. We did this one pose tonight where you sit on a chair and you have to have your one knee straight over the side of the chair and coming straight from your hip and above your ankle,  you then take the back of the chair and pull your torso so that’s it’s even with the back of the chair, and finally your back leg is coming straight from your hip with your toes flat on the ground. 

Just thinking in my head how I probably looked during this pose, I’m guessing she’s going to ask again on this coming Thursday if I practiced 🙂

And the photo of the day is when I came home from work this afternoon. The weather is changing and we’re expecting snow late this weekend. fullsizeoutput_a0a

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