Bucket List – 2017, Yoga Classes

I’ve been looking for quite awhile to go to a Yoga class and well since it was on my bucket list for 2017 I needed to see what I could do about that.

And guess what? I actually signed up for an Introductory Class at one of our neighboring towns. Yup, I not only signed up but Tuesday night was my first class. 

Now I have no idea what I would expect, but I figured there was no way to know until I actually went. 

So with my yoga pants on and the perfect exercise shirt picked out,   I took a deep breath and walked into the studio. There was about 9 others in the room and the age ranged from young to old. And I wasn’t even the oldest – Score! 

With our matts rolled out the classes started. We learned how to stand, sit, and do a couple of other basic poses. And guess what I learned? I learned that I had no idea on how to do any of them before the class. But that’s why you go to classes right? 

The instructor was super nice and so was everyone else. The class was really hard and there is a lot to learn. I had to smile to myself because about half way through the class the room was getting warm and the ceiling fans were turned on. We weren’t moving very fast but we were throwing off some body heat. 

After the class when everything was all said and done, I was so very glad that I took the Introductory  Class. This class just get you ready for the Beginners Class. That’s kinda funny isn’t it? 

Anyway, I loved the class and am excited to go back next week. 

But I sure do hope the weather will be a little bit better than the drive home tonight. It was snowing so hard and the roads were very slippery, I was even grateful for the dumb rumble strips in the middle of the road. They let me know where I actually was when I was driving. And what else helped me for the verrryyy long drive home? Well I kind of picked up a box of Milk Duds. But for some reason I don’t think I’ll let my yoga instructor know that. 20170126_210847_resized_1

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