Farm Animals

I’ve been so busy making soap lately, that I decided that I better check on my chickens. Daryl has been taking care of them these past few weeks, but I wanted to see how everyone was doing. 

Now I couldn’t go without any treats can I? So I had some leftover cut up vegetables, old bread, and some blackberries that were in the fridge that needed to go. OK, maybe they all didn’t need to go tonight but as long as I was making the trip out there well it’s a good time to downsize the fridge right? 

I really couldn’t believe on how big the peacocks have gotten. I thought at first that the two new little ones were males but now I’m not so sure. If they are males they’ll get their long feathers in a year or so and up until then it’ll be just as much as a surprise to me as to the other chickens. 20170119_172024_resized

But I did notice that their Mom is still as protective as she was when they were little and she wasn’t happy at all that I was in there. She was making some pretty scary noises and kept her focus on me the whole time. I knew enough to stay back from her whole clan. 

The rest of the chickens were just hanging out in there and a lot more mellow until they saw their treats. 20170119_172143_resizedThen it when I emptied out the bread bag it was total chaos. So much for the calm before the storm. 

And who followed me around the yard thinking she was going to get some treats? Checkers. I don’t know, but the slice of bacon that she got when I got home from work must not have been enough for her tonight. 20170119_172358_resizedAnd finally I grabbed a bunch of apples for the cows. 

Yup, we  had a very happy farm tonight 🙂


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