Winter in Iowa

The weather has not been the best lately but I guess it’s winter in  Iowa. It’s been snowing and a cold north wind has been blowing through 20170125_163444_resized_1and when the sun shines you just kind of look out the window a lot and smile because it’s such a nice change. Even those the sun doesn’t shine that much – we can always hope. 

I know there’s the old saying that if you wait long enough the weather will change and that couldn’t be more true.

So what have we’ve been doing with the snowy weather lately? Well Daryl’s been scraping the yard and giving the cattle more hay to keep them quite. For some reason they need a lot of attention during the winter. So you know, he’s doing guy stuff. 

And what have I been doing? Well making soap of course. Some of my first soaps are going to the businesses this week and it’ll be interesting to see how my sales go this Spring. I sure hope my luck continues this year with my little business. 

We’ve also been discussing the kid’s wedding quite a bit lately  and it’s getting pretty exciting. We’re not only talking about the shower and the wedding details but also when our other kids will be flying home. 

Oh it’s going to be such a great year! I can just feel it. 


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