2nd Painting Project done! – Tuesday

After work today I hurried up and started to work on the fence that needed to be painted. 

At first I thought – well maybe it really didn’t need to be painted. It was one of those time when you think you’d so much rather just sit on the couch and eat Milk Duds or something and just kind of veg out. Not that I’ve ever done that before or anything  🙂

But I put on my painting clothes and headed outside because it was perfect painting weather and I better take advantage of it. I mean it is October and just like that the weather can turn on you. The old joke is that one day you’ll have the air conditioning on and the next day you will turn on the furnace. And with Daryl was in the field combining, I also better get to work. 

It was one of those things that once you got started, you just really couldn’t turn back and well, it’s probably a good thing. By the look of the fence after it’s been scraped 20161018_165951_resizedI’m guessing that it was the right decision not to be laying around on the couch with my mouth full of candy watching some show like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ or ‘4 Weddings’. Can you tell we’ve got a wedding coming up next Spring? I think I honestly could almost work in a bridal store now. I mean, I know all the lingo.. ball gown, empire waist, bohemian look, princess style…. See?

Ok, back to the painting. So I finished up the fence and with the last of the paint I started on the foundation of the house. Yup, it’s painting time again and I’m suddenly in the mood!

Check out the fence now!  BAM!20161022_125540_resized

And my photo of the day? Well it’s titled.. “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST”untitled

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