We’ve got trouble!

This afternoon I could hear Sally just honking and honking. See the peacocks scream and peahens honk. I knew it’s kinda weird but that’s what they do. 

But Sally was off the eggs and was honking and honking. I know she was looking for the others, and was wondering I’m sure just where in the world they are. 

I felt so bad for her and I sure don’t want her to run away either! 

So I’ve been in contact with someone who has 1 1/2 year old peacocks for sale and was hoping to get over there to get them this weekend. But first things first. 

I wanted to see if I could catch her. I mean she was sitting on eggs, how hard could this be? 

Well I found out that it is hard let me just tell you that! 

I grabbed the John Deere blanket and a ladder and headed to the machine shed. After I finagled my way around the tractors with the ladder (hindsight dropping the blanket would have been a much better idea when setting up the ladder) then I set the ladder up by the mill. 

I slowly climbed up the ladder and was eye to eye with Sally. Awesome! This is for sure going to work. I’ll just grab her and then put her in the brooder house and move her eggs too! Yup, what a great plan. 

So I slowly moved my John Deere blanket by her to cover her up and she took one look at me and started to honk and flew off the mill. OK, so I go down the ladder with my blanket and when she see’s me she then flies back up on top of the mill again. Yea, I see where this is going. 

My next move was to forget about the blanket even though Peahens are very strong, and just grab her. Well she was watching me pretty close and as I slowly moved my hands toward her she tilted her head, let out a very harsh honk and flew down again. Now the dogs were by us just wondering what was going on, so I had to yell at them to get them out of  there so they wouldn’t scare her. I mean, I was doing a pretty good job by myself! 

So off both Sally and I went into the farm yard. She was honking like she was in the State Fair contest or something and I was waving the John Deere blanket saying something like ‘come here Sally’. Yea, it was completely unsuccessful. I had some hope to catch her only once during our race when she was by the brooder house with the chickens. She looked inside the brooder house, turned and seemed to be looking at me,  and then tore off to the shed again.   

I decided to let it go for tonight. Maybe there’s a better way to do this that I’ll think of. 

To be honest I was just glad that the helicopter that flew over the other day wasn’t around. I’m thinking they would have gotten a pretty good laugh if they saw me running around with my blanket chasing a peacock! 



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