Random day after work with my camera

I went out to the cow yard after work to check on both Lucy and No Ears. I knew that they’ve both been doing well because I’ve been bringing apples out to the pasture most every day now. But tonight instead of just giving them apples, I spent some time seeing if I can get Lucy a little tamer. 

The trouble that I found was that even though No Ears is comfortable around me, she’s still not sure that she wants to share Lucy with anyone. Even me. If I would get close to her, No Ears wouldn’t be far from my side nudging me away. OK, I got the hint! 

So while I was in the cow yard, I decided to take a few pictures of our animals. I know that maybe not everyone likes them as much as I do (which is just so hard to believe!) but I snapped a couple of pictures anyway. 

First things first, everyone in the cow yard has to have their own pile of corn when they get fed. Now our cows do get along, but for some odd reason they all like their own corn in front of them. DSCN9091And usually No Ears would go from pile to pile to see which one she likes the best and then settle for that one. She’s push everyone away in the meantime while she was looking and once she settled, then they could find the ones that they liked. But now that she has Lucy, she stays pretty much on the outskirts of the gang.DSCN9093 And what do our chickens do when they see me in the cow yard? Well  they all come running because they know that they’ll also get fed. They don’t normally get a corn pile to pick out for themselves, and usually have to share with one of the younger calves. For some reason tonight they had their own pile? DSCN9094Our chickens run around the farm during the day and then get locked up at night. Daryl usually opens the door in the morning and between the both of us we lock them up before we go to bed. We’ve always tried to lock them up at night but  because we do have fox dens in our farm section and we still haven’t found Sam’s killer yet ! 

Then off to check on Sally. And Daryl said that she’s been sitting on top of the feed mill these past few days and I finally found out why. DSCN9097I crawled on top of the tractor to get a better look and found this! She’s got 4 eggs up there with her. Maybe not the best spot if they hatch, but the best spot to keep away from things that are running around after dark! DSCN9098Awesome right? Well we do have a problem. See we are very close to having to mill some more feed for the cows,  and well… how is that going to work? So I told Daryl to be very careful when feeding the cows and if they have to share piles of corn – well so be it! I’ve got to check on how long it takes for peacock eggs to hatch but I’m guessing it’s more than just a couple of weeks 🙁 

After the cows are done with the corn and hay, the next stop for them is to wash it down with some cold water. This waterer is used by the cows, dogs, and even cats. It may have been bought a few years ago, but it still keeps the water cold and when it’s time for a drink .. who cares if it’s used by the community ! 


And finally, while I was walking around in the yard with my camera I heard a loud noise coming from above me. At first I thought it was a helicopter that’s used as a crop sprayer, but it was way too big for that. Lately we’ve been having a few of these larger helicopters going over our farm, I’m not sure why we’ve seen them so often lately but as long as they stay on the side of our farm and not over the middle of it like they used to fly over, well I guess I’m OK with that. But I must admit that while I was standing there watching it I was thinking about when I grew up on my folk’s farm. I mean if I would have been outside and a helicopter flew over, let me just say that would have been a pretty big deal! And I’m guessing I would have ran to either find someone else to look at it, or maybe I would have just ran! 🙂


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