Feeling grounded

You’re probably wondering just what in the world is this post going to be about right? I mean with a title of feeling grounded it could be anything. 

Well I’m sure at the same time you’ve been wondering just what in the world have I been doing! 

Life has been very busy these past few weeks, or should I say months? But as someone told me many many years ago, if you are not busy – well you’re probably dead. Now even though this is a different way to say that everyone is busy, I still remember Jake telling me it about 26 years ago and where I was when he told me it. So it must be an important saying to me and I wish he was still alive so I could tell him that I’ve used his saying many times in those 26 years! 

OK getting back to the subject about being grounded. I just got back from our annual ‘fishing’ trip with the girls and it was once again awesome! We’ve been going up North to the cabin for around 35 (?) years and with only girls allowed, we have just the best of times! 

And this year didn’t disappoint anyone. Now hanging out for the weekend the stories might have changed some,  but they are basically the same as they were 35 years ago, just with a different twist to them. 

On our fishing weekend, the weather for the first day was pretty rainy but that didn’t stop us from playing some good games around table on the screened in porch. I mean how can you beat an afternoon filled with fun and tons of laughter even if it was raining outside. DSCN8961

And I have to say why we call it our fishing trip. When we were younger, OK much younger, we had gotten quite a bit of grief that we were heading up North. Well guys did it all the time so why in the world was it such a big deal if girls did it? So we knew that guys got together and called it a fishing trip or hunting trip, and that’ s how the whole thing got started to be called our annual fishing trip. And guess what? We never got grief about it again. Well maybe they just knew better 🙂

So when I was thinking about how to title my post about the days at the cabin up North,  I decided to title it ‘feeling grounded’ because that’s  just what going up to the cabin really means to me.

When you’re laying on your back on a lake and the water is like silk on your skin because it’s so soft (it’s all spring fed) and you’re swimming just looking up at the blue sky and then at the lake that is outlined with tall green pine trees. I mean you physically can hear yourself breathing as you are swimming across the top of the water. Your breath sounds so loud because it kind of echoes in the water and while you’re hearing yourself breathing and not thinking about anything else,  I just know that this is when I feel the most grounded.

It’s a good feeling.

And even though I’ll worry about things that will keep me up during the night when I get home – this moment in time is what I think life is all about. Hanging out with your girlfriends, having too much to eat, drinking a few refreshments, and taking time to hear yourself breathe. 


Oh yea, I almost forgot! We saw a BEAR!! 35 years in the making and we didn’t even get a picture of it. The only picture we got was that of us all screaming in the car!! Too funny. But we did see the bear and it was huge. It was standing on the left side of the road on it’s back legs and then ran as fast as it could across the road. And it was huge and really a lot faster than anyone of us was expecting it to be! 

So here is a couple more pictures from the long weekend up North  

The ROAD that we take :)

The road that we take to the Cabin

My favorite stove in the world! We cook with a wood stove everyday

My favorite stove in the world! We cook with a wood stove everyday

We eat A Lot when we're at the cabin! And these pans come in handy!

We eat a lot when we’re at the cabin and these pans come in handy!

There are normally a pair of Loons on each lake

One of the Loons on the lake

Morning Sunrise

Morning Sunrise

A small bridge on one of the roads nearby

Looking over a small bridge on one of the roads nearby

Boats just waiting for the weather to clear up

Boats just waiting for the weather to clear up

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