Where are the summer clothes?

Have you ever gotten so tired of winter clothes that you just want to buy something that has a little bit more summer look to it? Well with with the wind blowing and the state actually closed off the Interstate Highway 35 today because there was 50 to 60 cars in the ditch and blizzard conditions, it was time to see if there was a glimpse of summer in the future even if it was only in a shirt or top.

I laughed when I was reading the local report tonight from the weather news page on the internet because the very last line of the article was this :

“Travel is not advised in that area.”

You think?

Now I know that I can be stubborn as the next person,  but after hearing that there is around 60 cars in the ditch and they shut the ramp gates and closed off the Interstate, I’m thinking that I’d be staying home watching reruns of the Superbowl commercials or something.

So  back to my shopping story. I went to a local store tonight after work just to hope that I could find something that I might like. And even though it’s not a perfect top, it’ll do. You know the type, it’s the one that ‘I’m not leaving until I can find something kind of a shirt’. It’s the one that’s ‘on sale’, and well ‘it’s really not that bad kind of a shirt’. So I bought it and brought it home with me. It’s like a little bit of sunshine in my bedroom that’s currently filled with long underwear and heavy sweaters. So now all I have to do it to just figure out how many days until it’s Summer so I can wear it!

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2 Responses to Where are the summer clothes?

  1. ruth says:

    Wait, you went and bought the shirt and now you are waiting for summer to wear it? Once I went back to the bedroom, closed the door so it would get warmer in there, put on the shirt and tucked myself into bed to read a book in the middle of the day, just to get some fun out of wearing it during the winter.

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