And all through the house

I don’t know why we wait until Christmas to make our house smell so good. I mean I’ve done 9 Christmas candy platters so far this year with 3 more yet to go and if that don’t make your house smell good, well the overwhelming aroma of the ham in the oven tonight will definitely kick it up a notch! But maybe that’s why it makes Christmas so special. I mean if we do certain things only at Christmas time, it reminds us all of just how special this time of the year really is.

So I’ve got a ham in the oven with party potatoes in the crock pot, there is a Christmas movie on the TV that Daryl is watching, it’s starting to snow outside, and the Christmas lights are all lit. Yup, it’s Christmas time all right.  I stepped outside to snap a couple of pictures of the new snow – take a look.

it's just starting to snow

it’s just starting to snow



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