Just give me 20 minutes

I knew that I was going to be close with the amount of chocolate that I had and the amount that I was going to need for my Christmas candy, but I found out that I did need to go and get some more. No problem. I would just zip over there after work tonight and pick some up. Well you can about guess that this just wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounds.

I worked a little later than I was planning on, but no big deal I can still get to the Amish store before they close at 5:00. So after work I hurried up and headed south to the Amish store that I like to buy the chocolate from. I can buy this chocolate in bulk and in 10 pound pieces. And with going through quite a few in a year, it’s the best option for making candy.

OK, here I go. So I as I’m heading to my favorite store I’ve got Christmas songs playing and thinking of how we’re going to have such a great Christmas this year. And just as I’m rounding the corner on the gravel road to the Miller Bulk store that I want to go to, I know that I’ve got only 20 minutes until they close and as I’m pulling up to the store I notice that it’s pretty darn dark in the store. But even though these stores are always dark because there are no electricity used, I still was hoping that there was someone inside that could help me. Well no such luck. They were closed. OHHHH NOOOO!!! OK, I’ve got about 18 minutes now to find a store that sells this type of chocolate. Here I go. I jump back into my car and head back to the highway, next stop is the Yoder store. I pull into their driveway and head into the store. As I’m asking them if they have the chocolate they are trying to have a conversation with me and all I’m thinking is literally tick tock tick tock.. the time is just going by. They suggest going to a Breightsbach (no idea on how to spell this name) store and if I head to the next 4 way stop and take a right, and then I kind of quit listening. I’m sure that I’ll be able to find it right? So back into my car I go and head to the highway. Now I’m driving and see a 4 corner but no stop signs – do you think she meant this one? Oh man how I wish I would have paid more attention to her now. So I keep driving and see a sign for Deitweiler store (spelling ?) and I hit the brakes and take a sharp left hand turn. I go about 1/4 mile and see the store. When I ask if they have any bulk chocolate they tell me no but Breighsbach’s do. Yea, I got the memo. So this time I listen closer to the directions and I’m supposed to take a right when I get to the paved road and then take the first left on the gravel road. I’ll need to drive by the cemetery and then take the next right. I should see the store after that. OK, I better get going because I’ve only got about 8 minutes left before they close. Now of course I won’t die or anything if I don’t get there in time, but it’s about a 45 minute drive from home and giving 1 1/2 hours up this week for coming back for the chocolate is not my first choice. So I get back into the car and head to the highway. And for Christmas music? No way – I needed to focus. Finally I find the turn that I’m supposed to take and see the store. It was 4:57 and I apologized to the young girl behind the cash register  when I walk in the door. When I ask if they have chocolate they said ‘Of course’. Yippeee!!! When I said that it was hard for me to find it tonight with Miller’s closed and everything, the very nice person helping me said really? She said that pretty much everyone in the area sells it. 🙂DSCN8434

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