Merry Christmas!

Christmas is finally here! It seems like you spend a lot of time preparing for Christmas and when it’s actually the day, it goes by so fast doesn’t it?

It’s not that uncommon to find some milk and cookies left out on Christmas Eve for Santa Clause and this year once again there was some just waiting for him to come. Even though the kids are not such small kids anymore, they are still Christmas kids and always leave something for Santa. DSCN8459So out comes the milk and cookies by the Christmas tree and then I send everyone to bed.

And in the morning? Well we got up later than I had planned and with our church having mass on Christmas morning, we had to hurry up and get dressed to get there on time. I don’t ever remember going to church on Christmas morning since I’ve moved to the farm. We always went the night before to church and even a few years we had midnight mass which was very cool! But this morning as I sit in the church pew and listen to the choir, it reminds me that it really doesn’t matter when you have church. I found myself a couple of times with I’m sure a dumb grin on my face because both boys were singing in the choir and Kyle helped out with the instrumental part of the mass with playing the trumpet. It was really nice.

OK, mass was over and let’s get home to open the presents. Daryl quick went out to do the morning chores and I was working on some potato soup for dinner at Ma’s. Because I had the ham bones in the crock pot to cook overnight, when I started to make the soup I took out the ham bones and the dogs really got a treat this morning when I topped them with fried eggs for them. DSCN8460You might say that the dogs are just a little spoiled.

But then… then we finally got to the presents. Talk about traditions. The kids get their presents and start to take turns one by one opening their gifts and then the next one opens one of their gifts. I always take a sigh of relief when I see that they actually do match up and are an even amount. As I saw them opening their gifts while sitting beside each other on the floor, it was one of those moments when you tell your brain – remember this time..remember this time. It is always so cool to have the kids together and I love it. We’ll have another Christmas when Kelcie comes next week when we do our exchange gifts along with opening a few more gifts from Daryl and I.

With the gifts opened, it’s time to head to town to my Mom’s for dinner. With having Christmas for our side a couple of weeks ago, Mom said that she would make homemade beef noodle soup for anyone who could make it on Christmas day. She said it won’t be a big meal and just some soup and stuff.  Well heck count us in! I brought the ham soup along for the in-laws who for some reason don’t like the homemade noodle soup like we do. But guess what? That’s more for myself and my brothers and sisters to eat – Score!  The only thing that I didn’t quite see was that Ma said that we would have just soup and it won’t be much of a bother. Well the tables were full with food! It sure didn’t look like a small dinner to me and everything really tasted good. We spent the afternoon just hanging out at Ma’s which was really nice. DSCN8464

The night couldn’t end without Daryl and I playing another game of cards against the boys. And when Daryl and I lost the first game tonight we decided to play a second game to see who really are the winners in the house. Yea, guess who won both games?



Now that the day is over and I’m sitting in our living room just looking at our Christmas tree, I think how lucky we are to have such a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families. 

Hoping that you had a great Christmas Day with your family! DSCN8474

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    Merry Christmas, And Happy New Year.

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