First batch done!

What a great and productive day I had today. But first things first. Because our towns around our area are smaller, we have to wait until some of the stores open to shop on the weekends. ¬†Well I hover around the house for awhile earlier in the morning and then I head to town. When I got to town and went to the one dollar type store they weren’t open yet (what?) and some people were literally standing outside the front door. Not a good sign to get the brown sugar that I needed. So I tried the second store that was in town and saw that they were open. I immediately went back to the grocery part of the store and saw that they only had 2 bags of brown sugar. Now I have no idea how much I will actually need, so I grabbed both of these and headed back to the car. I wanted to drop by the other store that wasn’t open earlier and saw that they were finally open. Yea for me! So inside I go and I did buy a couple of packages more. I for sure don’t want to run out brown sugar this time! And when I got home and put them with the rest of my baking things, I realized that I had 12 pounds. Too funny!! I guess with the 12 pounds of brown sugar and 12 pounds of powdered sugar – I’m going to be set for awhile.

But it really was a good productive day and with all the candy ready to be packaged up DSCN8429it didn’t take long until the first batches of baskets were ready for a pickup.¬†DSCN8430

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