Crops are in!

What a good feeling it is to have the crops in. Now if you listen to Daryl he would wish that he was still working in the field because he would like to have more corn to harvest and the weather has really been cooperating this year.

But for this year – he is done. Whoo Hooo!! As I’m writing this I can hear the bin running that is drying the corn and I know that what this noise really is, it is the money that is costing us to dry the corn.  For me though I think it’s very relaxing and I like it. It’s kinda like when you have the washing machine going in your house, just a constant noise but a soothing one. OK, maybe I need to get out more ! And the funniest thing about the bin fan is that you can be laying in bed and then all of a sudden you know something just isn’t right. It’s like when your kids are out at night and during the night you just know that you should get up and see if they are home or not. And they better be home right?!! Well, this bin fan is a lot like that. You can wake up during the night when the darn thing shuts off. It must be a genetic thing or something built into us. I also think it’s also a cruel joke because when your kids are older and out of the house you think you actually can sleep through the night. Yea, not so much at harvest time.

With everyone working hard on their crops and the weather getting cooler at night, I snapped a quick picture of our little kitties all tucked in for the night on our porch. Even though they are laying with Waffles and not Checkers, they seem all tucked in and warm. Kyle was wondering how they are doing and they are doing very well. For some reason these cats all think that my goal in life is to feed them the instant that I walk outside in the morning. Needless to say they are all pretty spoiled. DSCN8321

And to finish off the day I made a couple of cards for Ma. I wanted to repay her for the container of cookies that I accidentally took home and ate 🙂DSCN8303

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  1. tammy k. says:

    i know what you mean about the washer. when i go downstairs to do some quilting work i like to have the washer and dryer going. plus, when it’s time to get the clothes out, it forces me to take a break from the sewing, even if it’s just for a couple minutes to throw a load in the dryer.

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