Dog Spa Day

It’s that time of the year again when the dogs have a Spa Day at our local vet office. 

Now when you think of a Spa Day you would think that the dogs would be excited – but I’m seriously not holding my breath. 

This year we decided to split the dogs up and go on different days. Reno was up first and that wasn’t an accident by any means. Reno is so mild mannered, and Kaiser… well Kaiser has his own personality when it’s Spa Day. Just to give you an idea how he acts, last year I got a call while at work to see if they could put him under when they were brushing him. Of course I said that I didn’t think that was a good idea and somehow they all got through it. 

So this year Reno went first and she loved it! She is always a lovey kind of a dog and after Spa Day it usually kicks it up a notch. You can’t walk through the farm yard without her literally right beside you and touching you when you stop. Below is the road trip back home in the truck.  Yup, she had to sit so close and touch me all the way home!

Well now it’s Kaiser’s turn and he got dropped off before work a couple of days later. I said that I’ll call early in the morning to see how it was going and when I said that the receptionist looked at me with the oddest look. Now I wasn’t sure if she was nervous or thought I was super protective of our dogs. Whatever the case, when I called they said that he was doing just great. I said that I was calling about ‘Kaiser’ and they said that they knew that and everything was going well. 

Finally work was over and I was excited to head back to the Vets to pick him up. I wasn’t sure just what I would find when I got there,  and when I saw him I seriously almost died! 

There was dogs barking and barking and I figured that one of those was going to be ours. But I couldn’t be more wrong. 

When Kaiser came out from the back and turned the corner – he flung his hair just like Fabio and I would have sworn he was moving in slow motion as he stopped in the middle of the room! He didn’t even acknowledge me and just looked around swinging his hair – it was hilarious! I paid the bill and I was wondering how he was going to act when we walked outside to the truck. 

When went to the vet in the morning he was literally shaking and didn’t need to be pulled – but close. And now? Well he was almost prancing when he was walking. You know how the show horses walk around the ring at the show? Well that’s what he was doing. And all the time just whooshing his hair around. He knew he looked and felt pretty darn cool! 



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