You just never know what you’ll see when you’re on a bicycle

Daryl and I decided to get our bikes out of storage and go for a ride. I mean it was a perfect day to get out and get some fresh air. 

So we pumped up our tires, then we found our bike shoes – helmets – gloves – shirts – shorts – sunglasses – and water bottles, and out the door we go! 

Because we haven’t rode at all this year yet, I wanted to go on a ride that was a little easier to start with. So that’s why we decided to do the bike trail in a nearby town by us.

It started out pretty uneventful. All we saw was a whole lot of rabbits and a couple deer strolling by. But then on the way back we came around the corner and found this! Yup, a baby calf. Now you know that you’re riding a rural bike trail when you come across a calf! 

As we got closer we noticed that this little guy had a case of pink eye. OK now that’s a game changer! Pink eye is very contagious and it wasn’t necessarily on my agenda for the summer to have it either. Well we tried to coax him back down the gravel road where he obviously came from, but he wasn’t going to go easily. So we tried to use our bikes to gently guide him and guess what? That didn’t work so well either. I thought to myself when we were using our bikes that if someone saw us doing this I’m sure they were thinking we were scared of the calf. Well I guess we were kind of scared of the calf  – it was just that we were scared of picking up the pink eye from the calf! Seriously at this point I really didn’t care what anyone thought 🙂 

Well it turned out that we were right beside my nieces farm and with the help of her brother (my nephew) we ended up putting this calf on a trailer and hauling him back to the neighbors where he belonged. 

Then just as we thought we’ve seen about everything, a skunk waddled out in front of us. I guess you just never know what you’ll see when your out on your bike do you?

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  1. Bruce E Mail says:

    I have killed 6 skunks this year one of which I had to wait for it to get off our patio. Caught two others in a squirrel trap.

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