Happy Mother’s Day!

What a great Mother’s Day I had! 

From phone calls from the kids, to getting gifts and visits – I mean how can it be any better?

I must admit that in the past it almost seemed like just another day, but maybe because I’m getting older or the kids are getting older it’s becoming one of my more favorite times of the year!

And with Mother’s Day also comes some gifts 🙂

I was excited when I opened mine this year because they had given me a candle that smells heavenly along with a chicken feeder. Now before you start thinking why in the world did they give a chicken feeder – let me show you the picture of it first.

Yup chicken feeder with plants.

So now I have both cows and a chicken feeder in my kitchen and I LOVE IT!  And the feeder looks perfect on my kitchen window! Now just to remember that even though they kind of look like cactus – they are plants that will need water! 

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