Green Snap

We had some high winds that literally blew through our area in July and we knew that it did knock down some of our corn. But if you took a look at the fields, they didn’t look just too terrible. 


Well it’s combining season and when Daryl asked if I wanted to ride around in the combine – now how can I resist that? But part of his plan was to show me just what he was seeing in the fields, and it wasn’t good! It was kind of like trying not to look at a car accident when you’re driving by it. I mean you know it’s going to be bad but you just have to look. And that’s how my combine ride went. The fields had sections in it that looked so bad but you couldn’t look away. 

The winds that blew through our section in July was probably one of the weirdest winds that we’ve ever seen on the farm. See it randomly picked spots out of the fields and broke the stalks off all at the same heights. And when the stalks are broken off before they have a chance to get ears of corn on them – well you end up with literally nothing but dead corn stalks. I learned the hard way that this wind damage is called Green Snap. 

But there really isn’t much you can do because it’s a done deal and you just hope that next years crop will be better. It’s been such a crazy year for the weather in our area and now that I saw our corn fields, well that just confirms it! 

So this is what the fields should look like 

And this is what we are seeing. So not cool. 

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