Kitchen Time

It sure is a busy time of the year isn’t it? 

For me it’s the time of the year that I pretty much live in our kitchen. I mean I get up, go to work, come home, and spend the night in the kitchen.  

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m very very happy that we have the kitchen that we have! It’s very big and supports a lot of activities. 

So what happens in our kitchen in the fall ?

Well the grapes are picked and grape juice is canned

apple sauce is made

and I just keep putting tomatoes in the freezer until I have time to process them into tomato juice. 

and I’m now in the soap making mode. 

I ran out of soap last year in early December and I’m working hard not to run out this year again. But even though our kitchen is pretty big, it sure seems times like sometimes it’s just not big enough! 

So my new plan is to see what building I can move into outside. But using a farm building means that we’d have to insulate it, put in new walls, put in new electrical, add water if it’s not in the building, and then probably add a better floor. Yup, nothing is move in ready at this point. And I’m not really in the huge profit stage of my soap business yet either to support all of that! 

So for now, I’m moving things in and out of our kitchen from the laundry room. So don’t be too surprised if you come to our house and you see a lot of soap sitting around and it smells like a gift shop. I guess there’s worse things to smell on a farm right? 

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