Meet Charlie our new peacock

I finally got around to making the call to see if this one guy still had the male peacock that we’ve talked about earlier this Spring. Our girls have been screaming and I’m thinking that having a boy around will hopefully calm them down. 

And guess what? He still had a male left! Yea!! 

So I made a rendezvous date set up to pick up the newest member for our farm. The rendezvous was going to be in a local town that he was going to drive through on Saturday so it was going to work just perfect. 

Well, into the truck I go with a cat cage. I was sure hoping that the peacock who was only around 1 1/2 years old would fit, but I also had a blanket that I thought I could wrap him in and then duck tape it shut until he got home. Kinda like a swaddling method. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be too crazy – but you just never know! 

After hanging out in the gas station waiting for them to show up, I realized that I had no idea what he was driving and he didn’t know what I was driving either. So just as I was sending a text to him – I saw this guy standing by our truck. He smiled and asked if I was looking for a peacock. I knew that it wasn’t just a pickup line and followed him to this car. 

The challenge was to get the peacock from his car to ours and honestly it wasn’t too bad. He got kind of ruffled in the cage, but he’ll feel better when he’s at our farm and will be able to run around.When I asked what the peacocks name was – the owner said, I don’t know… Mr. Peacock? I’m pretty sure he just made that up so I named him Charlie.  

Now to introduce Charlie to our animals and more importantly the other peacocks. 20170812_102500_resized_1But guess what? The previous owner said that the peacock  stayed a lot with the turkeys in a shed and after we left him out at our farm and watched him for awhile I’m thinking ‘Houston we’ve got a problem’! He’s a big baby! Now maybe he’s just shy or something, but I had to literally coax him out of the chicken coop (OK I carried him!) and then the girls came to check him out. DSCN9653

Finally after 2 of the girls got frustrated with Charlie not moving, there was one peahen left to see if she could get him to go with her to check out the farm, but had no luck and eventually left also. So Charlie sat there all day… by himself. 

DSCN9655But we laughed when we saw that the girl peacocks didn’t move too far and stayed up high on the tractor that was in the yard to keep an eye on him. 

So tonight I coaxed Charlie again back into the chicken coop. Daryl checked on him later tonight before he came in from chores and said that he wasn’t in there. Well it took awhile for me to actually find a flashlight that worked and he was in there after all. He was tucked in the corner with the chickens all around him. Humm, not sure how we’re going to get him used to the farm and more importantly the dogs. But for now? Well the dogs are on security watch which means they are either going to be in the barn or the house. And guess where they’ve been hanging out tonight ? Yup, the house 🙂 


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