What should we do tonight?

When Daryl asked me what we had planned for tonight I literally had to stop and think about it. I got to thinking about what we’ve been doing these last couple of months and came up with the list below. 

For the past 12 weeks this is what’s been happening in our life

  • Bridal shower for around 100  guests in the Roadhouse at our farm
  • Kyle flew home for William’s Bachelor party 
  • Bachelorette party in La Crosse Wis. for Jude
  • Went to a baby shower for a friend
  • Went to a friends son’s wedding
  • Went out to dinner with Ma for Mother’s Day
  • Went to a couple of High School Graduation parties
  • Went to a Retirement Party for a friend
  • Started and completed our walking trail  in our town all by volunteer help  (which is awesome!) 
  • Planted our farm crops
  • Bailed the first crop of hay
  • Kyle & Kelcie flew home for the wedding
  • Hosted Rehearsal Supper for around 60 guests in the Roadhouse
  • William & Jude’s Wedding !! 🙂
  • Hosted Opening Gifts at the farm in the Roadhouse
  • Was a Vendor is a 2 day market for soap in Hawkeye 
  • Went to my Brother in Law’s Mother’s wake
  • Went to an Anniversary/Graduation Party
  • Kyle & Kelcie flew home for 10 days
  • Set up soap display for a vendor market in Postville
  • Set up the Historical Display for the upcoming Irish Fest in our town
  • Ran in a 5k
  • Did volunteer work at the Irish Fest, Friday & Saturday
  • Had a bunch of house guests for the weekend of the Irish Fest
  • Was able to get in some golfing on Ladies Day
  • Have a new store selling my soap and made first delivery to them in Elkader
  • Had all the Kuehner’s over for a day with activities and fireworks
  • Took Kyle and Kelcie back to the airport in Minneapolis and William & Jude went to Ames
  • And still supported our jobs in town

So do you know what I’m going to do tonight? I think I’m going to take a long hot bath and then order some soap supplies. I think it’s going to be a busy summer!! 


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