Setting up the museum

This was the second night that we’ve spent in the local Hardware store setting up a pictorial museum for our town. See it’s getting close to the Irish Fest which will be starting on Friday and every year we have to set up the display with pictures of not only some really cool history but we try to include some current things going on in our town too. 

But this year we’ve got some awesome help! Check these guys out! 20170610_152122_resized

The setup has gone so much better than it ever has and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the help that we’ve been given to get ready. 

We even had some volunteers come and wash the huge windows that are in front of the building. Now how can you say that small town America is gone when you have these kind of volunteers? 

I had to snap a couple of pictures also of our local volunteer fireman who spent the last couple of nights washing the streets. I don’t know what it is about this, but I just think it is so cool. 20170614_192641_resized

So at the end of the night we were able to get the whole display set up and now the next thing to do? Well was to have a great time this weekend!  

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