OK, so we had the wedding this Spring. Which was Awesome if I say so myself! 

And I spent two days at a Vendor show for my soap – check it off! 

What’s next? Well it’s time to go Bike Riding!! Daryl’s been spending quite a few hours getting field work done,  but this afternoon we got the bikes out and all cleaned up from the winter storage and headed out for a ride.

IMG_20170605_153030_147It was GREAT! Every spring I realize how much I miss riding my bike and I sure hope that I can get in some more rides soon.  

I remember a conversation that I had with my Dad a very long time ago. We were on the farm and I must have been about 8 years old. He needed a wrench or something and asked me to go and get it. Well of course I was at the time sitting on my white and pink banana bike with a white basket on the front of it with 3 plastic flowers gracing the front of the basket. (Can you tell that I absolutely LOVED my bike?) Well I was on my bike and was going to take off and get the tool that dad needed. Now I rode my bike everywhere to do everything. I even joined Little League in our local town just so I could ride my bike on a ‘Hard Road’ aka pavement which was a very big deal when you live on a gravel road.  So like I said off I was going to go the tool shop to get the wrench. Then I heard my dad say “that if God wanted girls to ride their bikes all the time he would have given them bike wheels instead of feet” and without missing a beat I remember saying back to him that “God invented bikes for girls to ride!”. I never looked back to see what my dad was doing and if he was going to get mad or not at me with my fast comeback, but it must have been OK because we never had that conversation again 🙂  

My only regret? Not keeping that totally awesome banana bike throughout the years. I’m not sure what I’d do with it now, but it would have been pretty cool just to have it. 

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