I see lights

My job tonight was to get up some Christmas lights outside. Now normally we don’t turn them on until St. Nicolas day anyway – but with the warm weather that we’ve been having it sure seems that I’ve seen more and more houses and farm that have them turned on early this year. 

So with my totes pulled out of storage from the old calf shed, I finally got myself somewhat fired up and headed outside tonight in the rain to start. Yup, rain. 

Now normally I do this job in the coldest of cold days and with sometimes snow up to my knees. But I think this might be a first that I”m putting our lights up in the rain! 

And the oddest thing happened tonight. Now I know that I’m going to jinx my good luck, but all of my lights worked but one small string. Yea, it’s amazing! I’ve had such bad luck in the past that I’ve literally called the company that made the lights to tell them how bad they were  and they sent me a big box of all new ones. So what did I do different this year than last year? I have absolutely no clue but I sure hope I do it again next year!  

Well  the fence that surrounds our farm is all lit up now and a couple of other things have lights on them, so I’m happy. I kind of wish I could have gotten some lights up on the buildings, but I finished around 10:30 tonight and even I know that climbing up on an extension ladder in the dark to hang lights on buildings isn’t the smartest idea. But if it wasn’t so dark , I’m just saying that I might have gotten them up one way or another! 

So my goal is to get a couple of more lights up on the farm maybe tomorrow night and then start thinking about the two turkeys hanging out in our fridge that need to be roasted for Saturday. I’m a little nervous I won’t lie about making them so I guess we’ll see how they turn out. 

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