Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! 

It’s kind of a forgotten Holiday isn’t it? I mean we go from The 4th of July straight to Christmas and throw in a couple of weeks of Halloween in between. It’s the time most remembered by if you’re lucky you have a 4 day weekend to spend getting ready for… Christmas!  

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m really not that big of a Thanksgiving person. But maybe as I’m getting older I think that a lot of people are. I mean they spend a lot of time cooking and baking so everyone can enjoy the good times around their dining room table or in most cases around the farm kitchen table. Then when everyone has gone back for that second piece of pie, the tables are then cleared off and a good game of Euchre is on it’s way. The room is filled to the brim with laughter, teasing, and of course there is some harassment going on and everyone sure is having a great time. 

So when it’s time to head back to the farm and to get our chores done it never fails, everyone was looking in the fridge for something good to eat. And man were they disappointed! What was in there? Well not much except for some leftover green bean casserole from dinner.



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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Ruth says:

    I wish we could have cleared the lovely centerpiece off the table and played games on it! But it wasn’t my house, and someone had spent a long time arranging it. But at least I handed out your last two soaps to my daughters, one as a hostess gift and one as an early birthday present (Monday). They both loved them. Thank you so much for sharing your lilac and lemon soaps with me! I have really enjoyed using them and gifting them!

    • farm2011 says:

      Hi Ruth, sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving also. I’m glad that you liked the soaps and let me know if you’d like to sample a couple more 🙂

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