Just lower your expectations

What a title huh? 

Well let me just tell you that I’m really in a good mood tonight! 

See what has happened these last two months is a very … and I mean very… long story so I’ll try to condense it as much as I can. 

It all started with my old laptop dying. Sad but true and I thought, well no big deal I’ve got my fancy new Mac right? Well that’s almost right. See the printer wouldn’t work  with a Mac computer so I was in the market now to buy a new one. 

Down to the store I go (which is an hour drive one way from our farm) to pick up a printer. I found one and installed it. BAM! I was in business and truthfully feeling quite cocky to be honest. But then I ran into trouble and it kept saying that I was out of paper. That’s when my troubles began. After uninstalling and installing the software and the drivers multiple times and researching it on the internet, I finally gave up.  Both HP and the Geek Squad said to just bring it back to the store and that’s what I did. 

Another hour trip one way to return it and pick up another one just like it and back home I go. Now the laptop needed to be updated so after that happened I found out that the printer didn’t have the latest updates to be able to use with my computer. And I found this out the hard way! I knew when I was working on it, the software that I needed wasn’t available to download. Well both HP and Apple said it would work and after giving up to letting someone remotely trying to get my computer to work and then having them both saying that the other one didn’t know what they were doing, I gave up after around 6 hours and returned that printer. 

Another hour trip one way to return it to the store and pick up a different  Brand this time. The brand was supposed to be compatible with my new upgraded laptop and guess what? Well if you guessed that it didn’t work – You are the WINNER! With a headache that I swear was going to make my head explode I gave up on it for the night. 

Another hour trip back to return it and this time I wasn’t going to buy one for a very long time. The people in the store were really nice and by this time I felt that I knew more about software upgrades that I really felt anyone should. Well other than HP and Apple of course! 

So this past weekend I thought I’d try it again. I think I had a weak moment or something. Of course the people at the store said that they all should work but I seriously knew better than that. So I bought the same type of printer as the first and second time. 

But I had way different expectations this time. I just knew that it wouldn’t work and was hoping that I would be surprised. And guess what? It worked! SCORE!!! Now I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but it seems like the printers finally have upgraded their software to the new operating system for my laptop. 

Seriously who cares right? So far it’s working and that’s all that matters to me. I told Daryl that I think I should change how I look at life. I always think that things will work out and sometimes get so disappointed when they don’t. But when you think that they won’t work – it’s such a great feeling when they actually do. 

Anyway that you look at it, it was a very successful night and I’m excited to have a printer again. 

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2 Responses to Just lower your expectations

  1. Bruce says:

    Bonnie we are a MAC family and have always used Epson printers. We have a WF3640 now, the MAC people said the Epsons are the ones to have.

    • farm2011 says:

      Hi Bruce, thanks for the information on the printers. But the HP that I have is still working… whoooohooo and as long as she’s working I think I’ll stay with it. It is early though, so hopefully I won’t have to take it back but just in case I’ll remember Epson! Thanks again for the tip!! Bonnie

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