Trip to the local fruit/vegetable stand

Because we live in more a a rural area and having a large farmers market doesn’t really happen too often, I found myself heading over to a building that some local Mennonites own. 

Now I’ve never been there before and quite honestly I wasn’t sure where it actually was, but I knew the highway that it was supposed to be one so it couldn’t be that hard to find. 

And that’s exactly right! I found the spot right away and in no time found myself eye spying the fresh produce inside. 

Now my goal was to buy some canning tomatoes. I have got some tomatoes out of my garden, but honestly it’s so weedy that I knew that I wouldn’t get all the tomatoes that I would like for canning some tomato juice. 

So I immediately headed over to the boxes of tomatoes and said that I’d take a box. Well of course I said ‘oh heck make it two boxes’. I didn’t know how much juice one box would make and if I had extras, well I’d quarter them and then can them for the winter. 

And of course while I was in there I picked up some other vegetables and fruit – onions, zucchini, watermelon, sweetcorn, peaches, and when I was checking out I caught a whiff of some oil that smelled like donuts. Yea, donuts. Now because I’ve never been to this place before, I had no idea that they also have a bakery and was in the process of making fresh donuts. OMG! Yea, definitely my kind of vegetable stand! So I went and picked up a box of fresh donut holes that was smothered in white frosting and packed everything into the back of the car for the ride home. 20160827_130155_resized

But I decided to take one thing out of the back and put it up front before I shut the door. Can you guess what I grabbed? Yup, I grabbed the donut holes. I ate so many so fast that I swear that I must have looked like a chipmunk if someone met me driving home.  And if you are ever on a quiz show that asks how many donut holes does the average person eat in 25 miles, a very good guess would be around 22. Just saying. 

And I’m not really a watermelon connoisseur, but when we cut the watermelon up it was probably the best watermelon that I’ve had in years! DSCN9115

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