Sunday = Funday!

Daryl and I decided to take the day off on Sunday and go for a ride in the Chevelle. As Daryl puts it “stretch the old girls legs” Well at first I thought he was talking about me and I thought What?   But then I realized that he was talking about his car and I understood that he wanted to get the car out and drive it. We haven’t had much of a chance this summer to do that,  so that was a great idea. Now I never heard ‘to stretch her legs’ before and it’s such a funny way to put it isn’t it?

So we were out and about Saturday night and happened to run into my brother and sister-in-law. Daryl mentioned that we were going to head out somewhere for dinner on Sunday because the weather actually was supposed to be nice, which in itself was a shock, so why not? They said that they were thinking of doing the same thing and next thing you knew we had a plan to meet up with them in the morning.

Well after Daryl quick raked the hay on Sunday that’s been down since .. well I don’t know how long, the Chevelle was backing out of the Roadhouse and we were heading south.

We met up and after putting together a plan, we decided that we would park our car and ride with them.

And what a great day we had! We took the scenic route to this one restaurant for dinner and with a view like this, seriously how can you go wrong?20160821_141414_resized

Then we actually made it on the Cassville ferry. Daryl and I have been trying to catch the ferry now for a couple of years and just never was able to make it. See the Cassville is Wisconsin’s oldest ferry service dating back to 1833 and if you’re interested here is more information on it. Just pretty darn cool if you ask me! 20160821_151914_resized

This is what it looks like when you’re on the ferry while on the river. Everyone just kind of hangs out with music jamming on the ferry speaker. 20160821_152236_resizedAnd you just never know what you’ll see on the river on a Sunday. This kinda looks like something that you’d see in China doesn’t it? Not like I’ve been to China before, but it definitely looks out of place!20160821_152412_resized

Once we crossed over to the Wisconsin side of the river we found a lot of little towns to check out that I’ve never known to exist before. This was definitely a great way to spend a Sunday if you ask me! 

Finally we made it home and was able to skype with the kids and catch up with them to find out what everyone did since the last time we had talked. 

Finally it was time for bed and with thoughts of the upcoming week in my head as I laid there trying to get to sleep, I thought to myself about today and that it truly was a Sunday Funday! 20160821_152939_resized


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