Getting organized

It’s that time of the year again when we gather up our bike shorts and suntan lotion and head to the west side of Iowa for an annual bike ride. Our group is pretty much the same but this year Daryl won’t be able to go 🙁

With the weather absolutely horrible these past few days (heat index around 113 F), it’s for sure not weather that you want to be climbing the hills with your bicycle with. I mean I am always at the end of the pack and when you throw in some heat and hills – well you might as well add some headwind! OK, I’m really not hoping for this combination. 

BUT after saying that – it’s awesome that it’s this terrible heat wave is this week and maybe it’ll get it out of it’s system by next weekend. 

So you would think that I’ve been riding my bike a lot and really prepared and organized right? Yea, not so much! I haven’t been home much because of traveling for work – so who knows how this upcoming week will turn out! But my bags are pretty much packed and just a few more things to do tonight and off to bed I go. I’ve got a busy week coming up. (now seriously is there ever a time when it’s not busy?) 

Ragbrai box

Wish me luck and I’ll catch up with you when I get back home! 

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