Outside work

It’s a holiday weekend!! WhooooHoooo! 

I’ve got a lot to do this weekend but I sure hope that we also fit in some fun things. So tonight I go the rest of the flowers thinned out by the old milk house. Seriously, how big do iris’s grow? I’ve given a bunch to Daryl’s niece and now I’ve got this huge tub full again. I’m trying to see if my niece will take the rest of them. I’m not sure she will, but I’m going to give it a shot at least. 

With getting quite a bit of rain these past few days it made digging them up not a problem at all. I kind of made a mess with it using my sand shovel, but if they are as hardy as they seem to be  – well shoot I won’t have a problem at all bringing them back to a nice border soon. 

After that, a pan of lasagna in the oven and because we’ve been taken over by eggs from our chickens, I put a pan of experimental breakfast bake into the oven after the lasagna was done. It was a recipe that uses a dozen eggs at a time, and honestly it wasn’t too bad.

Now it’s getting late and I want to work a little bit more in the scrap book room. But before I leave you for the night – check out this frog. Have you ever in your life seen such a black frog? And even though he seems like he might be a happy little thing, well I’ve never had a frog pee on me so much in my life! I brought him in to show Daryl and I’m guessing that this frog doesn’t like to be in our house at all.DSC_0443


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