Card Club

I was right about missing some of the groceries that I needed for card club tonight. At first I was thinking that I only needed one or possibly two items, but my list soon grew and grew! I’m always worried that I won’t have enough food variety so I added a couple more things to my food list which in turn added to my grocery list. But with 10 lbs of butter – I shouldn’t have to buy any more of that!

And another thing that I didn’t have to add to the grocery list was the makings for potato salad. Daryl loves potato salad and I can not stand it! It’s not like I’ll eat just a little bit, nope.. I don’t like how it looks so it’s one food that I won’t make. So he wanted me to ask my Mom if she would make it for him. You know it was his birthday weekend and everything! She was more than willing to make it and when Daryl saw this huge bowl in the refrigerator, well his eyes just lit up!

I spent the day cooking for our guests tonight and I laughed when Daryl told the boys “Just stay out of Mom’s way today because she’s in the zone” and I think that he was right about that. I got everything done that I wanted and William even talked me out of making a couple more things that I just thought that I should make because I had all the ingredients so why not? Which after the fact was probably a good idea because I did have enough food after all.

I think the party went over well and we were worried that we would get bad weather that was brewing in the state tonight. With only some rain on the agenda for us, it only made it a little soggy running to the house to go to take a bathroom break. Hey, it’s much better than the hail that we were worried about!

Now that the day has come and gone and our refrigerator is full of leftovers for the week, it’s time to hit the hay and get ready for the next project that’s on my list. Humm, I wonder if the pan of bars are in the refrigerator outside in the Roadhouse or in our kitchen. I’m kinda hungry 🙂

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