Rainy day today

We’ve been getting rain on and off today and it’s a great excuse to stay inside to catch up on things that I’ve been putting off.  We really needed to get some relief from the heat because our corn was just starting to show some signs of stress. And it’s always a good to get the rain without any storms. When a rain front comes through in July and it doesn’t bring a storm with it, you can count yourself very lucky. A couple of years ago it stormed and when it was all over, the fields were nothing but dirt. You had no idea that the day before a nice tall corn field was standing in that field. It almost made you sick to your stomach. So when you hear that it could rain, the first question that everyone asks is it supposed to storm?
So back to the day that I had. I spent most of the day today inside like I said and even though it’s after 10 pm and I’m still not done with what I wanted to get accomplished – all in all it was a really good day!
I took the time to make a couple of Thank You cards. I really enjoy scrap booking but usually only do this in the winter months. I tried to find a couple of cards that I needed to  send out and wasn’t finding anything that I wanted to buy. So I made them myself today – check them out below.

Thank You card

Second Thank You card

We went tonight to visit some of my husbands Aunts. (where we live we say Aunts not ‘Ants’). They were his mom’s sisters and boy they are a hoot! It’s so funny to hear the stories that they have and even though they have been around the block a couple of times – they are still so full of trouble! As I’m typing this it just makes me smile when I think of some of the things that they were talking about. The one Aunt is visiting from California and the other one is visiting from Kentucky. They are staying with their sister and her husband in Decorah, Iowa. We would love them to come to the farm next week, but we can’t make it work in our schedule to be here. I’m hoping that they’ll come anyway and visit with our son and take a look at the place. Since we live on the ‘home place’ (this is another way to say that we bought the farm from Daryl’s parents) all of Daryl’s Aunts have spent quiet a bit of time here and I know they would really enjoy coming back for a visit. In both of our families, we all have lots of Aunts and Uncles. It wasn’t uncommon for your parents to have 8, 10, or 12 brothers and sisters and both Daryl and I grew up with lots of cousins running around. But I’m guessing just looking at this picture that these Aunts really have a special spot for Daryl in their heart. Nice.

The Wurzer girls and Daryl

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