Just getting back

Well the vacation is almost over. We’re sitting in the airport in Texas just waiting for our flight to Minneapolis. We’ll get home late, and hopefully we won’t run into too much fog. We talked to William and he said that it’s really foggy at home, and he was at a basketball game. I had to laugh because he asked if we were coming home tonight and when I said yes, he said,’OK, I’ll leave the door unlocked for you’. I think that’s funny.

I found out that I’m probably just as bad as the kids when they say that they can’t believe that people could survive without cell phones or the Internet, they said they would probably just die! Well I wasn’t to that point, but I have to admit, I had withdrawal symptoms. So I caved for one day and bought the 24 hr pass at our hotel. There was no such thing as ‘free’ wifi in Cancun, but now that we’re in Texas, yeee haaww! I’ve checked my Facebook, surfed the web, made some phone calls, sent some texts, and took a look at my email. I don’t think you’ll hear me making fun of the kids and technology.

I haven’t figured out if I can add pictures to this web site on my IPad, but I’ll post some tomorrow of our vacation. Man we had fun!

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  1. tammy k. says:

    can’t wait to see your pics! cancun? i’m so jealous! lol. sounds like you had a real nice time. and what a sweet son you have to leave the door unlocked for you guys! hee hee hee.

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