Roamin’ Catholics

With Easter just around the corner, we’ve been having a great time this past few weeks being Roamin’ Catholics. Now if you don’t know what is a Roamin’ Catholic – well let me explain! 

A Roamin’ Catholic can be an individual or in our case Daryl and I and my brother and sister in law heading out every Friday night during Lent to see where we can find some good fish to eat for supper. 

We’ve been doing this for the past couple of years and it’s been just ton’s of fun! With our Community mostly Catholic, it gives us a lot of opportunity to go to a different place for supper each Friday. Now sometimes we stay close to our farms, and sometimes we head out for a drive. And in all the years that we’ve been doing this I don’t think we’ve ever gone to the same place twice! 

Now of course it’s also a good reason to head out for the night to see what else is going on, but that’s just a perk of being a Roamin’ Catholic during Lent 🙂

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