Christmas stuff & taxes

This is the second weekend in a row that we don’t have any obligations and it’s …….. GREAT!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love having things to do and to be a part of, but when we can have the chance once in awhile to do what we want on the weekend – SHAZAM!! 

So just what are we going to do with these two days? 

Well, I’m going to make soap for part of it (there’s no shocker there right?) and for some of the other hours I’m starting to clean up and try to organize our cellar. I know that there is just more stuff down there than we’ll ever need. So I started a Good Will pile and also a junk pile for the burn barrel. Hopefully this will be something that I keep working on in the winter months so by Spring it’ll all be nice and pretty. OK, realistically maybe just a little bit more organized 🙂 

There is also in my plans for looking at and getting organized for taxes. Now with my other job in town I work with papers and computers all day long, so when I’m home I really don’t have an interest in doing any kind of paperwork. But the sales tax’s and taxes are I guess important so I better buckle down this weekend and take a look at them! 

Laundry was on my To Do List and I was able to get a good start on it.  Now seriously with only two people in the house you’d think that we didn’t have that much laundry right? Well I’ve gotten around 7 loads done so far and theres still some left to do. I really like doing the washing & drying part of the laundry, just not so much the folding. 

And finally I actually have gotten all our inside Christmas stuff put away. Yes I have to admit I am one of those people that make piles of things to get ready to box up. And this weekend was the time to get it organized and stored for another year. So into totes I packed up all our ornaments, house decorations, and Christmas houses. It’s such a good feeling when that’s all done – but in doing it I realized that I still had one more Christmas Card to send out. Yup! I forgot to send a card and letter to some people that we’ve made friends with over the last 8 years or so. They have gotten some puppies from us and since then we’ve been sharing pictures and updates of our families. I better add this project to my ‘To Do’ list for today because they sent their card about a month ago! 

So now it’s Sunday morning and with making some more soap on my list along with hopefully getting some baby cards made and that Christmas card that I have to do also making the list,  I can’t forget to also focus on the tax paperwork today! Hum, I wonder what soap I’m going to make?

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