Whirlwind Week

I was glad that Daryl could take this Tuesday morning off to pick up the kids at the airport, but I was also really glad to get home after work to see them too! 

William and Jude had to leave on Monday afternoon but will be back on Friday and I’m super excited for a long weekend with everyone!! 

So for this week it was spent getting the rest of the gifts that I had ordered organized (Thank goodness for UPS & FedEx). I had to laugh because they’ve been coming to our house pretty regularly and I almost feel that I should have made them some Christmas candy too or at least given them a Christmas card with our family picture on it. I always make our mailman a box of candy and this year was no exception. Last Saturday morning he even hand delivered our mail to our front door and Thanked me for the treats! Now you have to admit that it’s kind of funny and he must have really liked them! 

With going to the grocery store more times that I want to say, and with our refrigerator in the freezing mode lately, we got the small dorm fridge out and seriously it’s not working out so bad! We keep what can get froze in the big fridge just in case it gets in one of those moods again and the lettuce and other stuff in the small dorm one and just like that the problem is solved. BAM! ok not really solved, but a temporary fix is in place and it’ll do for now

We also had a girls day in our farm kitchen this past week. My niece came over and with the help of Kelcie we worked for the whole evening on different types of face masks and body butters. I had absolutely no idea how many different things you can make in your kitchen until these past 2 years! We had a really good time and didn’t waste anytime with our experiments. The first face mask seemed to be a lot more work that I had thought – but on the second batch of a face mask we were just like Pros!


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