I have a confession to make

Remember when I said that going to our local tree nursery was one about of my most favorite places to go? 

Well I have something to confess. And to my defense I really almost forgot about how much I love this place also until today.

See every year I make some candy for Christmas and for me I think getting my supplies at the local Amish store is about one of the best places to get it. So after work today I was anxious to go back and see what kind of treasures they had and just to visit this area. It’s a very cool place to go.

As I’m driving to the Amish today I was trying to think of just why I like them so much. I mean they are just farmers in a small community right? Well I think I like them so much because I feel like their world turns just a little slower than everyone else’s. As I’m driving to the store that I wanted to shop at, I am watching a buggy with a bunch of kids in front of me heading home after a day in school. With their red cheeks and bright eyes, you just can’t help wonder what their schedule is once they get home. Will they go right to their homework before it gets too dark? Without electricity in their homes, a lantern can only give off so much light. Or will they need to get out and get their chores done first? Then I pass by wash line and wash line just filled with jeans and sheets hung out to dry. Now I’m not saying that I’d want to live that life because, well to be honest I think I like my electrical appliances way to much! But you would have to admit it would be a much quieter and simpler life.

So I finally see the big red barn on the right and the small white house on my left and I know that I need to turn because it’s the road to the store. And as I’m driving on the gravel road and making my last turn, I can see the store. I’m just hoping that they are open because now the sun is starting to set and it doesn’t look like anyone is home. But when I park the car and scope it out I can see the ‘Open’ sign on the door so inside I go. Now I’m checking out the store for quite sometime before anyone comes in, but soon a younger girl shows up along with her Dad carrying a lantern for light. They are speaking in German and I have no idea what they were saying, and maybe that was their plan 🙂

With my arms more than full and my Amish trip done for the year, I thank the young girl for helping me load up my car and back to our farm I go. It’s going to be a busy week this week making candy – but it’s also going to be fun!

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