Getting ready for a party!

Now I’m not quite sure why I’m not freaking out tonight, but for some reason things are going pretty smooth. See tomorrow we’ll have over 60 of my family at the farm to celebrate Mom’s Christmas. 

Sounds like fun and I can’t wait! We always have the best time for Christmas and I’m only expecting the same thing this year! 

So normally I would be kinda nervous and hoping that everything will get done in time. Will I have everything organized? Will the Roadhouse & house get cleaned in time? Is the food going to be OK? You know – normal freaking out stuff. But for some reason I really got a lot done today! 

And tonight? Well with everything ready for tomorrow, Daryl and I even talked about going out to a movie. Yea, totally not the normal for me. 

Well the lights are all up in the yard, Mom and my sister in law came over to help get the Roadhouse ready last Sunday (2 Christmas trees up and tables are in place) I have the inside real Christmas tree up and decorated, the rest of the decorations are up in the house and the Roadhouse, all the linens are washed for the tables for tomorrow, curtains are all washed, the house vacuumed and picked up, and the food is made and in the fridge. 

And it’s not that I’m normally this prepared (like at all!)  but having everything done sure makes tonight easier just to hang out and watch a Christmas movie or two. 

I’m excited for tomorrow because the weather is supposed to be good for December and with no snow or sleet in the forecast most everyone should be able to make it. 

So for now? Well I guess it’s just time to hang out 🙂 

Below is the Roadhouse all set up for the party


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