Peanut Butter

We’ve been talking about making peanut butter at work now for some time and finally today is the day I was going to make some when I got home. Now granted I should probably get out more because when the highlight of my day is making peanut butter – well I’m just saying it might need a face lift! 

But I was excited so I got my bag of peanuts out of the cupboard along with my small blender and I was going to see if I could make this work. 

Well I probably should have looked up how to do this before I started, but when how hard can it be right? 

So I put half of the nuts in the blender along with a little honey and started the blender up. 

It really didn’t  do much and all I had was some chopped up peanuts and a far cry from peanut butter! 

So more honey went in and cranked her up again 

Not much happened again

OK, so I figured if I would just keep blending the heck out of it sooner or later something is going to happen! 

So in when a little sunflower oil and I turned on the blender again. Finally I could see that we were making at least some progress! 

Well at the end of all of this I did end up with some really nice peanut butter and it was definitely worth the hassle! Now that I know what to expect I definitely would make this again. 

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