Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to the Vet we go

Even though I thought that the dogs had gotten every conceivable shot that there was this summer when they had their ‘Spa’ day, I was wrong. 

With a friendly reminder in the mail this week, Reno was due for a booster Rabies shot. Now this shot around the farm isn’t taken lightly and it’s not an option to be missed, so after making an appointment, we had plans to head to the vet’s office on Saturday morning. 

But when I looked at the dogs Friday night I couldn’t believe my eyes! They were covered from head to tail in burrs and weeds! Seriously, I think they must roll in them or something! 

So before I left on Saturday I hurried up and got the big ‘chunks’ out of Reno’s coat and then we were off. 

Now if you remember the last time the dogs went to the Vet, one of them was almost going to have to be sedated and the other one was really good. And lucky for me the really good one is Reno! So she sat beside me so good all the way to the Vet’s office, got her shot, and then waited patiently while I paid. 

I found out that she really loves riding in the truck. Well let me say that we really loves riding in the truck without Kaiser! 


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  1. Ruth says:

    You’re saying she doesn’t like to share the ride with her human with another dog – she wants to be alone in that front seat??? She looks so beautiful.

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