Sock it to me!

We have too many socks in our house.

OK what I should have said is that we HAD too many socks in our house!

Have you ever gotten  to the point when you know that it’s time to make a change? Well that’s what happened with our socks. 

For a very long time after we washed & dried our socks, we would just put them in a small laundry basket and then pick out a pair from there. But the problem was that we just kept picking out the same ones over and over and never really wore most of any of them.  

So tonight all that changed! I sorted out the ones that we normally use, kept back a one f few of the better pairs, and literally burnt the rest of them! I just couldn’t stand it anymore!! 

And how do I feel now that maybe 90% of them are gone? 

I feel good 🙂 


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