Hanging with the girls

Any day on the water is a great day and then mix that up with some of my best girlfriends and it’s a Perfect day! 

First things first. With the kayaks stored in the barn where they get pretty dusty and dirty, they needed a bath before I did anything! 

Daryl had the power washer hooked up and was ready to go by the barn and SCORE right? I think this project was only going to take me a minute or two and then I’d be done. 


Well the power washer was one where you have to pull it to get it started and after what seemed like about 2 hours of trying to get it started (OK it was only about 3 minutes!) I completely ran out of patience so I shut the water off, unhooked the water hose, and headed to the house to get a bucket and a brush. With a full pail of hot soapy water it really didn’t take me too long and before I knew it, the kayaks were ready to go and so was I! 

After we all met for breakfast and made our plans for the day, it turned out to be a perfect day just floating on the river enjoying each other’s company and a great day on the water.  

I  used to really like being on the river and decided today that I’m kicking it up a notch. I Love being on the water!

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