I am a list maker. No surprise right? 

Well can you about imagine when we are having our son get married and the amount of lists that I can make? I’ve got lists of my lists 🙂 I have paper lists, phone lists, white board lists, poster lists, … OK I’m sure you get the point. I’ve got lists. 

And if you have ever been in a corporate meeting when they create a ‘War Room‘ well I’ve got one of those too. A War Room is where you make it like you are ready to go to the battle field and put up all your strategic plans to be successful. Only my War Room is for a  great time! It’s for a wedding!! WhooooHoooo! I just can hardly stand it. 

So our laundry/soap storage room is also my strategic planning zone. And guess what? It’s working well. It’s keeping me somewhat calm (I think?) and organized so that’s a good thing. Now to just figure out which list I should do first today…


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