Naughty Dogs

With it being so close to Christmas, I’m not sure what our dogs are thinking. 

This is what we saw the first night we came home20161208_190548_resized

This is what we saw the second night we came home. It’s the bed scattered all around the front yard!20161209_190741_resized

And this is what we saw the third day we came home. Notice all the dog prints around the skunk. Not sure where they killed it or how?20161210_123114_resizedDaryl thinks that they are trying to make up for tearing up their dogs beds and it was supposed to be some type of gift or something. I’m just glad that they didn’t bring the gift up to the house and put it in front of the door! I think I would have died if I opened the door and saw a skunk!

So we had it cremated so it wouldn’t show up again on the farm. It was put into our burn barrel 🙂

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