Maybe the key is to ignore the flowers?

I was out doing chores tonight and with my slip on shoes, sweat pants,  and a sweater, I could hardly believe that it was mid November. OK, I know this sounds like a broken record – but how lucky we are to have this kind of weather in our area!

But now having said that there was definately a chill in the air tonight and even though there is no forecast for snow or sleet – you can tell that one of these days we are just going to get hit us in the face with really cold weather. So what do we do until then? Well you better be enjoying it that’s all I have to say. 

So like I said I was walking around the farm yard tonight and my flowers caught my eye. They weren’t looking too bad! Now how funny is that?! The reason that I say that is because around mid October you start the ‘protecting the flowers’ program. Once the weatherman starts talking about possibly frost warnings you go and take all your sheets out of storage and start the process of covering them up every night and then uncovering them in the morning. Or if you lived on our farm, all you had to do is to cover them up in the night and then the dogs uncovered them in the morning and drug them around the yard for the day. I had to laugh because I was fixing the kids bed the last time they were home with fresh sheets and I took a double take on the the one set for Kyle when I was putting it on his bed. It had a rip in the middle of the sheet.  Now I stood there and was trying to figure out just why in the world this would have happened and then I figured it out. Yup, it was probably these two! 20161031_175306_resized

Oh well, but getting back to the flowers, I went and grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of shots of them because I couldn’t believe that they have been surviving. I mean once the kids were gone from their visit a couple of weeks ago – well these flowers were on their own! And how are they doing? Just check them out. Too funny!! And I have no idea when the last time they were even watered. Maybe I should just ignore them more next year and see what happens 🙂



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