Daylight Savings Time

Do you know what I like about Daylight Savings Time? 

I don’t like ANYTHING about it!

So with that said I tried not to get too crazy today because these days never feel right to me. I mean I was up early yesterday before the sun came up to get some things done, but this morning it was way too early to get out of bed. So I laid in bed thinking about how much I despise when we change the clocks and what did I get out of all this negative thinking? One crabby Mama that’s what!

Well there’s more to do on a really nice day like today than be so crabby, so I decided I should paint outside while the weather was holding up. I mean have we ever had this type of weather in November before? I don’t think so!

With the idea that I needed some paint, I tried to brush my hair down and be somewhat respectable and headed to town to get some paint samples for colors. With town full of shoppers for the Open House for all the stores going on, I tried to get in and out with my little paint samples as quickly as I could.

Now with the samples in hand, I put them up to the porch to see which color I should pick. I even asked Daryl to stop what he was doing and see if he could help me with the right color. OK, we got it the one that I was going to have mixed up  and back to town I go. It wasn’t a perfect match,  but it would do for now.

The next thing that happened seriously was so quick it was strange. What happened is that I was hovering back in the paint section waiting for someone to help me and when I looked at the paint swatches I saw one that I thought looked good. And wouldn’t you just know it that’s when the person showed up. I grabbed the one swatch and without even hesitating I asked her to mix me a gallon of that one instead. Now I was still standing there with my one that we painstakinly picked out before hand and well I looked around for some reason to see if anyone was watching me and I put it back in with the rest of them. I wasn’t sure why I looked around other than if someone was watching me they would wonder why someone would only spend maybe a minute or two picking out a color before having a gallon of paint mixed up. 

OK I have to be honest, it seemed like a good idea at the time but I wasn’t so sure as I was driving home with the pail of paint beside me in the car.

And guess what? After an afternoon of painting with it, both Daryl and I decided that it looks really good. Hum, it must be fate or something. 

So here is a section of the porch that was painted today. It may not be a huge change in color, but nevertheless it’s a good subtle change.

Before picture of the porch

Before picture of the porch

After it's been painted

After it’s been painted

Check that off my list – oh wait I didn’t even have it on my list for 2016. SCORE!

And even though I’m not sure what time it really is, I’m going to bed for the night. 

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  1. tammy k. says:

    i agree, this time change business is for the birds! just leave the time alone, for goodness sakes! i really like the new color on the porch. it’s very relaxing.

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