Full House

With the wedding this weekend we’ve had a full house with all the kids home and it’s been great. And what better time to try out my new grill. 

And this isn’t just any old ordinary grill – it’s a grill that I’ve been eye spying since .. well since around June.

See in the early Spring I was having the worst time with our old grill and also convincing others that it didn’t work. Well finally it just plain gave out and I was determined to buy our next grill when it went on sale.

Now I realize that if the people at our local discount store was watching the cameras, they would see me come into the store and walk to the barbecues in the back. I’d check out the prices and then see how many tags were left just in case they were getting low. OK, I’ve been doing this for quite sometime and finally when they went on the second round of clearance, well I finally gave in. 

So like I said what better time to try it out than with the kids all home. Well my sister swears that our family has a genetic trait that says that you have to cook about 3 times more food when you have company than you really need. And I kept that tradition. We had literally a huge baking platter that held 4 T Bone steaks and then 2 Ribeye steaks. And I even had 2 more T Bones that I ended up not using in the fridge. Well needless to say that once everyone had a round of steak, mashed potatoes, corn, pumpkin roll, and apple dessert, well we had 2 large steaks that were barbecued left over. But was it good? Oh Yea! I love my new barbecue! And I really like it because I didn’t have to put it together, the kids did for me.

I think tomorrow we’ll have barbecued brats!

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