Update on the peacocks

I found out one thing these past few days. 

And what is it? It is that Sally the peahen who has now 3 new little babies is very, and I mean VERY,  protective! 

Now this is a good thing right? I mean with the peacock murderer still at large, she needs to do everything that she can to help protect them. 

But tonight my Mom came over and I wanted to show her just how cute they are and with a little prodding, there was absolutely no way she was going to get up and let me get by her little chicks. 

I mean with the hissing and funny noises that she was making along with some pretty evil looks. heck she even scared me! 

So it was a no go for my Mom to actually see them. 

But I was able to snap a couple of pictures earlier of her and of her babies and I can just tell you that they are adorable! 

We’ve been having discussions on the farm just how long they were going to stay in the chicken condo, and my thoughts is that we’ll keep them safe for a very long time in there. I mean they are getting ‘treats’ quite often. The treats are fresh bread and some cherry tomatoes out of the garden. It’s like Chicken Coop Room Service! And seriously how can you beat that? 

Sally's regular spot in the coop

Sally’s regular spot in the coop in the corner with her babies underneath her

The 3 Amigos

The 3 Amigos

Very Protective Mama! Can you see her hissing at me?

Very Protective Mama! Can you see her hissing at me?

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