Ambitious Saturday plans

I was so tired last night, I could hardly stand it! Have you ever gotten that way when the whole last couple of weeks just finally caught up with you and the only thing that you want to do is to literally sleep? Well if so, that’s just what I wanted to do last night!

So when we saw the sun coming up this morning, I knew that I should get going and catch up on the things not done last night.

After some laundry was in the washer, and the dishwasher was going, I headed outside to check on the cows. Everyone was doing well so I quick got the eggs, and beat it back to the house to start making some soap. Today’s soap is called the ‘Fancy Chick’s’ soap that is a lemon stripped soap that I like to use in the kitchen.

But the whole morning had to be timed and had to go well because we were heading to Minneapolis for a wedding – soap or no soap.

Well I did double check the timing before I started and figured that I’d be OK, so I went through with the original plan. As guess what? It was no problem!

Here is a picture of the soap curing in the mold this morning and how it looks after it sat for 24 hours. It looks almost good enough to eat doesn’t it?20160806_075340_resized_120160807_104844_resized

And as for the wedding we had a fantastic day! We (I use this word loosely) drove home after we hung out at the dance for awhile and to be honest Daryl really drove home while I took a lot of little naps on the way. I was sure glad that he’s a good night driver because a 3 hour drive after a busy day isn’t something that I’m very good at. Just saying!

Here is the wedding card that I made this morning for the couple. This just looks like something that would fit the bride and groom well. 20160806_101530_resized_1

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4 Responses to Ambitious Saturday plans

  1. Ruth says:

    Oh my, that soap looks so cheerful and encouraging to use!
    Congratulations on finishing that bike ride! It’s so fun to see the animals on your farm. Thanks for all the pictures!

    • farm2011 says:

      Thanks for the Congratulations! It was definitely a fun bike ride and I sure hope that I can get some more miles in before it gets too cold!

  2. Sherry Elwood says:

    It was great to see you and Daryl Saturday! We should try to get together again soon!

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