Sunday is Fun Day! 4th of July weekend continues

Today is Sunday and we’ve got a few things that we have planned. Keeping with the theme that this weekend we’re going to have fun! 

But before we can do some of them, there are some things that I’d like to do. So first things first – laundry. OK, not a fun thing to do but with the weather perfect outside I wanted to hang a couple of loads on the line. 

Next? I want to get the dishes done because we’re debating on heading out later tonight for the night in a hotel and I for sure don’t want to come home with dishes in the sink. Yuck! So I quickly do the dishes and let them air dry while Daryl and I get dressed for a bike ride.

But one more thing before we left for the bike ride is that I wanted to put in a double batch of beef jerky into the dehydrator to bake while we were off on the ride. And I know I’ve said this before, but man I sure wish I would have kept track of how many lbs. I’ve made over the years. Well I don’t have a count but I for sure know it’s been a lot! beef jerky

Now it’s time for a bike ride and I’m really glad that we’re going because the annual bike ride that is coming up in a few weeks will be here before you know it and I need to get ready. Now you would think the ‘getting ready’ part is getting my legs in shape or something like that. Well when I say I need to get ready I need to get  my bottom ready. And NOT really the bottom you’re thinking of. I need to get the bottoms of my feet ready. Weird I know – but I must ride and push off with the bottoms of my feet or something. And OK, I also need to get my ‘bottom’ ready too 🙂

But I had a chance to wear my new gloves that I got for Christmas. Having new bike gloves is like being able to put on new socks for the first time. You put them on and just kind of stand for a little bit enjoying the feeling. If you know what I’m talking about then you know what it feels to wear new bicycle gloves. It feels awesome! new gloves

We didn’t go too far, maybe 20 miles and then came home quick to get chores done and get packed. We were off to Des Moines to a hotel with a swimming pool and hot tub for the night. 

Yup, July is turning out to be a great month so far!


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